Address: Via della Fonte, Cocullo


Of the type with recessed niches also known as a "walled fountain", the fountain leans against a wall made of opus incertum. It is made up of three "recessed niches", i.e. by three large tanks with vertical parapet blocks finished at the top with cross stones.  Apart from the first one on the left, they have been damaged by time and by use and by the removal of some of the stones. The tripartite interior is covered with stones in a ‘false vault’.  In one of the tanks, the floor has a hole in which to position the containers once used to collect the water. The three arches are in blocks of square stone, and are slightly pointed. Touching the top of the arches is a row of rectangular blocks and at the right-hand end are the traces of a coat of arms, which is quite deteriorated, of the counts of Celano.  Above is the carved horizonatal projecting cornice.

Historical Notes

Dating back to the end of 14th and early 15th centuries, and probably built by the Counts of Celano, the medieval stone fountain is typical of a rural fountain placed just outside the town. Its function was of a drinking trough and wash basin which met the needs of daily life in a not too distant past. It served not only as a place to draw water for drinking and for domestic use but also for watering animals and for the washing of clothes. Severely damaged by the earthquake of 1915, it was restored - essentially maintaining the original shape.