Address: Via Porta Ruggeri, Cocullo


The stone block gate has a round arch resting on ledges and with only one visible pier. The other one was probably incorporated into the wall which was built perpendicular to the gate itself.
The inner walls of the passage are barrel vaults and are partly built into the rock of the hill on which the town arose. Within one of them there is door with a lintel.
Just outside the gate, on the left, is an elegant 16th century doorway with carved ledges. 

Historical Notes

Porta Ruggeri opens along the stretch of the defensive medieval wall - of which some features still remain - and is one of the three city gates and the closest to the tower. The tower is an imposing fortified square structure dating from the 12th century, which, together with the Baronial palace, forms the core of the original housing settlement built high up in the village. It derives its name from the Counts Ruggeri of Celano, who were the feudal lords of Cocullo.