Sabatini's Palace

Address: Via Colecchi Ottavio, 23

The Sabatini Palazzo was made by joining together three 18th century buildings and a fourth unit, adjacent to the main façade of the collegiate church of S. Maria del Colle, which, in 1715, already had a portal at street level. The main facade on Via Colecchi is on three floors: the ground floor consists of shops, a middle floor features stone windows with moulded frames and a horizontal crowning, while the principal floor has alternating windows and balconies. Near the stone cornice with ledges,  there is also a mezzanine floor with small rectangular windows. In the middle of the paginated facade is the stone portal of smooth ashlar stone. At the intersection with Via Colle dei Corvi, on the corner of the building at ground floor level we can see a sloping defensive wall with smooth ashlar masonry which evokes the main portal.